Schmoe Farm is a small, family-operated farm on the Georgia-Florida line just south of Quitman, GA. We use humane and sustainable farming practices to ethically produce pasture-raised eggs, poultry, and forest-raised pork. 

Our happy chickens are completely free-range out on pasture, where they enjoy sunshine and fresh air while foraging for bugs and plants, which is key to the vibrant color and flavor of the eggs. 

Our heritage Gloucestershire Old Spot and Berkshire hogs are raised primarily in the woods where they can forage for nuts, mushrooms and other plant matter, play in mud, and fully express their hog-ness. 

We supplement our animals' diet with a premium, locally-sourced non-GMO feed that contains absolutely no antibiotics, hormones, artificial additives or preservatives.

Raising happy, healthy animals as they were meant to be heals the land and produces the most delicious and nutrient-dense food.  You'll see and taste the difference when animals are raised right!