Happy, healthy pastured poultry.

the cleanest, most flavorful chicken.

Pastured poultry is MORE than cage-free, free-range, or outdoor access. It’s also more than giant barns with pasture access, buildings with concrete sun porches and fancy packaging. Opening the same doors on the same barns day in and day out does not meet the single most important and basic qualifier of pastured poultry, and that is MOVEMENT.
What it IS about is daily, regular, movement to fresh pasture which gives us healthy birds. Birds that don’t need antibiotics, vaccines or chlorine baths, because they have immune systems and plenty of fresh air and sun.
Daily movement is imperative for health and hygiene. Moving birds from the factory to fresh pasture provides a more hygienic environment. It also why raising these birds is a regenerative agriculture, because we are no longer creating manure lagoons or unsanitary factories.

We are building soil and fertility in the pasture, which ultimately leads to more carbon sequestration due to stronger, more abundant plant growth. Since these birds have immune systems, antibiotics and medicines aren't necessary, and as a result grows a healthier, tastier bird.

It's better for the birds, better for us, and better for our environment.


Your chicken is absolutely phenomenal. Makes me feel like I’ve never really eaten chicken before.
Neal Nelson (Quitman, GA)
happy chickens
feeding time!
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We raise our birds in these hoop coops, which are moved forward daily to fresh pasture